Starting First Response Nutrition

After working for ten years as a paramedic and suffering from a traumatic brain injury in 2017,
Travis felt called to make a change. His brain injury left him paralyzed on the right side of his
body, causing him to have to relearn how to speak and walk again. During recovery, nutrition
became the entire focus of his life. Using what he had learned to help himself recover, he
developed a lifelong dedication to helping others do the same. He began studying nutrition and
learning how much of an impact he could make, not only to someone’s physique, but also their
health and overall quality of life. He is blessed to have recovered and have the chance to live
an amazing life today. Now, it is his life’s mission to try to improve as many lives as he can, and
continue to serve his community by helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve
wellness from the inside out.